Leagues & Contracts

Schedules are subject to change during the start of the season. 

Make sure your copy is up to date.



> Please make sure your hard copy schedule matches our online PDF.  

• Men's Night. Courts 1 and 3 start at 5:30 court 2 starts at 6:00

• If your schedule needs to be changed for any reason the desk will
call and let the group know there is an updated schedule available.

• Please pick up your hard copies at the desk so that you will have
the sub list specific for your group.

If for any reason you do not see yourself, a league or contract that you
thought should be there please contact Dan Doenges.


DOWNLOAD Tennis Contact Lists:

[ Men's Tennis List ]
[ Women's Tennis List ]

VS&F Official Sub Policy:

Schedules are subject to change during the start of the season so make sure
your copy is up to date. If a player makes a change to the schedule for a sub,
it will only be reflected on the hard copy at the club.

1st: Players must check the schedule in advance to determine when they
will need a sub.

2nd: Players must call the sub list or the players with a bye first if they
are looking to find a sub. If no sub is found contact other players on the
VS&F tennis players list.

3rd: If you still cannot find a sub you must alert the other members that
you are playing that week.

4th: If a player cannot find a sub after these steps have been completed
they may ask the front desk to help. When you call please provide a list
of the members you have called so that we do not make the same calls.

5th: The front desk will do their best to help but will only be used as a
last step in trying to find a sub.

6th: If all parties agree to cancel the court, please notify the front desk.

*These rules are in place to provide the best possible
experience for everyone. Thank you!!

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